About Me

You can learn how to manage your feelings.

My Parcours

I am Marc Altorffer, Hypnotherapist and Neurotherapist.
As a hypnotherapist, I have been trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral hypnotherapy. I learned the first one in France, where I am from. I chose this training because it is a more instinctive one. My background being different from an academic one I developed an instinctive understanding of human functioning, based on my passion for human science, personal reading and observations. The Ericksonian is a balanced approach where observations, instinct and academic knowledge meet.
Living in the UK, I have decided to complete my training with an evidence-based approach, the Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy. It provides me with a framework where the thoughts, behaviors and emotions interact together. Sometimes they work in harmony allowing the individual to progress and sometimes they oppose each other, the outcome is less efficient and the individual is struggling. The Cognitive Behavioral framework presents a clear understanding of these interactions allowing you to come up with a clear treatment plan.
And that was what I was looking for, on one hand a means to develop my instinctive understanding of my clients and on the other hand a way to structure the treatment plan and make it understandable to my clients, so they can project, be an active part of the therapeutic process and follow their evolution until they reach their goal.
As a neurotherapist, I have been trained in Neurofeedback. It’s a learning method that helps people to train and reeducate their brain. As a therapist it gives me the tool to facilitate the change in my client. Most of the “mind” therapy share a common difficulty, the possibility for the client to monitor and experience their progress. With neurofeedback this is all what it is about. As the client goes through the training they can monitor their progress, see when they perform well and when they’re not, and relate to it in their daily life. With this method the client has concrete and visible feedback of their work in therapy.
Being a therapist is not my first carriere, I spent more than 10 years in the bank environnement. And although it’s a very different area, still I applied and developed the skills that I use as a therapist today. I am not saying that all Things are Connected, although they might as well be, but the skills you develop with practice, observation, dedication and work are the base of your competences and can be used in a variety of situations and jobs. What changes is just the context. And it is what I did, in my previous carriere I helped, advised and trained the banks I was working with to support the bank card machines of their commercant. I observed, taught, trained and found with them the best way to apply their training to their needs.

My Approach & Values

In one sentence I would say my job is to teach people how  to manage their feelings.

Clients come to me because they struggle toward all kinds of issues, mental, work, habits, anxiety etc. and most of the time their feelings lead them in the wrong direction. My place is not to tell them what to do to solve the issue but to help them find a way to solve it. And this often is to teach my clients how to deal with this excess or lack of feelings. 

Being a therapist is listening, caring, guiding, training more than solving one issue. As a therapist I want my clients to become autonomous, able to solve the next issue that will present to them with the training I taught them without to rely on seeing me.

My practice is relatively short term therapy, as a team with my client we detail the issue, find an adapted technique and train until they become good enough so the issue is overcome. The therapy lasts usually between 5-10 sessions, and benefits often appear after 2-3 sessions but at the end it really depends on each case.

My Education

  • 2021 Biofeedback EEG – Neurofeedback – Certification BCIA – Neurotherapist Diploma with the Neurosens Institut (France)
  • 2020 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – one of the world’s leading accredited hypnotherapy training schools specialising in teaching evidence-based hypnosis (UK)
  • 2019 Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy for Addictive Behaviors (Substances, Ganbleing and Sex), CPD Workshop with (2016) – UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (UK)
  • 2019 Diploma in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy – Institut Centre France d’Hypnose Ericksonienne (France)