Marc Altorffer


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Learn to manage your emotions.

3 steps

1- Seamlessly schedule your first session.

Taking the first step towards healing can be challenging, but remember, you’re not alone. As your hypnotherapist, I’m here to make this journey safe, simple, and empowering. Reach out, let’s start this transformative journey together.

2- Begin your journey.

During our first 1-3 sessions together, as your dedicated hypnotherapist, I’ll provide valuable insights and craft a customized plan to guide you through relationship complexities and the issues that prompted your journey. You’ll walk away with a clarified direction – the moment when many of my clients express, “I’m so glad I took this step.”

3- Witness your emotional resilience increase.

Experience decreased anxiety and a surge of hope and control as you progress, armed with clear understanding and healthy management of your feelings. I’m here to guide you towards understanding your unique emotional needs. I believe in you, and I know you’ve got this!


Anxiety & Stress

“Master Your Mind: Learn, Adapt, Overcome Anxiety!”

Fear & Phobia

“Finding Freedom, One Fear at a Time: Your Phobia Doesn’t Define You.”

Chronic Pain

“Empower Your Journey Beyond Chronic Pain, Learn to Adapt and Thrive.”

Habit removal

“Join me in breaking detrimental habits and forging a healthier lifestyle.”

Depression mood

“Journey with me towards overcoming depression and achieving emotional balance.”

Meet Marc

Fully qualified Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist

Marc Altorffer is a fully trained and qualified Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist (CBH) and Ericksonian hypnotherapist.

His work consists in helping people to overcome their issues by guiding and teaching them how to manage their thoughts and emotions. They come to him to deal with issues around stress, anxiety, phobia, panic attack, interpersonal relationship, pain or to get rid of habits such as smoking, nail biting etc.

A therapy is designed for each person individually and generally takes up to 5 to 6 sessions to reach the therapeutic goal. Although positive effects can often be felt after the second session already. Marc insists on working as a team with his client and with this idea in mind he offers a first 20 min session, It can be done by phone, video or in person during which he will explain how the therapy takes place.

My Approach & Philosophy

Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy is a rather short term therapy that focuses on the present issue rather than its origins.
It is an evidenced-based approach of hypnotherapy and it is heavily based on psychological research about hypnosis and suggestions.
CBH uses CBT techniques and puts an emphasis on the client’s expectation and imagination. With the use of hypnosis and suggestions the client will be able to modify the way they manage their thoughts, their behaviour and consequently their emotions.

“Working with Marc was absolutely fantastic. He really took the time to understand my problem, why I got here, and what results I wanted instead. The weeks following our work together have been some of the best/ most productive weeks I’ve had in years (and I mean years literally, ever since Covid threw a wrench into everyone’s plans, Marc helped me recover).

Can’t recommend him enough!” – J. R.

It’s been 5 months since my last hypnotherapy session with Marc and I’m happy to say that the results have truly stuck.
The deep relaxation and visualisation techniques have really made an impact on me and I have been able to use them in different settings. Since then, I’ve noticed a significant positive change in my life, and I’m grateful for the impact the sessions had on me.
If you’re considering hypnotherapy, I highly recommend Marc. – Malina G.

I had the pleasure of working with Marc, and I couldn’t be more impressed with his therapy approach. I highly recommend Marc’s therapy for anyone looking to make lasting changes in their emotional well-being. – Emma M.

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