I first approach Marc with anxiety typically triggered by my job. He was professional, calm and accommodating to my face-to-face preference. Not only has Marc taught me about the fundamentals of relaxation, meditation and hypnotherapy, but more importantly how I can build and sustain my own personal practice without him.

I went to see Marc after a recommendation from a colleague. Marc listened carefully to what I needed , then went away and came back with a variety of methods to achieve my goal. It really helped, it requires homework and self discipline but comes up with great results if you follow the recommendations. Thanks Marc

Marc was able to facilitate sessions where felt comfortable to explore my anxiety around auditions. As an actor, was struggling to overcome self doubt and stress when approaching my work in an audition scenario.
Through specific guidance and exercises worked through various ideas, mentally, which have subsequently assisted me whilst in the room with directors.
feel more confident and prepared to approach my work now, using these techniques during my prep.

Amazing care and genuine professionalism which has allowed me to manage my chronic issues. Mr. Altorffer is wonderful and I am grateful for his help.

The sessions with Marc Altorffer went very well. I approached him for anxiety and stress management issues. Problems solved! He is very professional, caring and attentive. I really recommend it.

I consulted Marc via Zoom for anxiety and anxiety issues, and since then it has been much better! Thank you Marc for your listening, your professionalism and above all, your kindness. In addition to the sessions, Marc taught me how to relax and taught me exercises that I can do at home.

I had a very good experience with Marc Altorffer, who solved my sleep problems in just a few sessions. Very professional and attentive!

Very good therapist, quick results beyond what I imagined. Also teaches self-hypnosis methods to practice between sessions.

I had a great experience with Marc, he is very good at what he does and knowledgeable, and allowed me to make real, long term progress – would recommend it to anyone looking to work on themselves. He is passionate about hypnotherapy, which transpires into his job – a great process overall.

I’ve absolutely loved working with Marc! His sessions are well-structured, focused and he has an incredibly wide selection of tools and exercises. We’ve focused mainly on anxiety and low energy levels. I started seeing amazing results after our first session (I’ve now had 3)! Marc is highly professional and dedicated to his work. I’ve felt very supported throughout my process. I couldn’t recommend him more!

Marc is amazing! He helped me so much understand about anxiety and how to manage it when it arises. All done through zoom, so it’s easy to do remotely. Thank you Marc !